Daily Routine




The children arrive and self-register. All children go to the carpet area for circle time/Stories/Singing.

9.15am - 10.40am

Free play* and Outdoor Playtime (Garden Area, Playground Area)


Morning snack begins, this is a rolling snack- children are offered a choice of breakfast with milk or water (see snack menu)

Children are encouraged to butter their own toast and put their plate and cup away when they have finished.

Adult led activity i.e. craft/baking etc is ongoing throughout the morning


Letters and Sounds# Music and movement sessions, circle time in the main hall.

11.30am - 12.00pm

Lunch - Freshly made by the cooks at Higher Lane. Children are encouraged to serve their own lunch, pour their own drink and put their plate and cup away from when they have finished.


Outdoor play time


Free play*


Afternoon session starts.


Ongoing Adult led activity i.e. craft/baking etc is ongoing throughout the afternoon


Afternoon Snack Time, this is a rolling snack - Children are offered a range of crackers, fruit and salad (see snack menu)


Outdoor play


Letters & Sounds*/Story time/Singing/Circle Time


Pre-school closes

*Free play- choice of toys/resources available in the toy baskets. This includes the role play area, creative area, sand/water/messy play, reading area, malleable play - all guided by the Pre-School team.

All planned activities throughout the day are based on the children's interests; are taken from observations or parent/carers comments and may be changed at short notice to suit the children's needs.

#Letters and Sounds Phase 1 is a seven aspect teaching programme which concentrates on developing children’s speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting.